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Durrës,  ALBANIA


Client - Durrës Municipality

Total Built Up Area: 4125 m2

Scope of Works: Architecture Design,
Interior Design , Recualification

Collaboration : Michele CRO

December 2021

This project in an innovation both in terms of architecture and in terms of technologies used, looking beyond the "facade" of the building. The project is an opportunity to consolidate an ongoing process that aims to give energy and quality to the entire urban context. Also through this project, the city of Durrës wants to communicate its new image of a city in motion, active and innovative, and at the same time attentive to the values of its past, history and memories, oriented towards sustainability and the quality of its development.

Our interventions focus on:

The reconstruction of the façade - It includes the maintenance of the finishes as well as the placement of a shading element in the southern facade according to the concept of the kinetic facade. The project of external restoration / facade of the building realizes the preservation and evidencing of the values of cultural, historical, urban and environmental heritage of the city center of Durrës.

Interior design - The reconstruction project is designed with the main objective of acoustic and thermal comfort. It provides for the adaptation of the placement and circulation scheme to all plans. Humidity, light flux and ventilation / air conditioning meet the European parameters for this object of special importance. Also, an important element of the project is ensuring the movement of people with disabilities.

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