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"Bringing space to life” represents the belief that architecture is about creating liveable spaces. We give a great attention to the human perception of the space, to the harmony between volumes and light, the proportion between shapes and details, the choice of materials and colors. All these aspects of design are key in creating a unique identity to each designed space.

“Space is the breath of art” F.L.W

Our company believes in high quality design where contemporary design, creativity and clients requirements are intimately connected.
Our projects vary from mixed use developments including retail, residential and office space, to stadium fit out development, factory and industrial design along with interior design and urban planning.

Fulfilling Client’s requirements and exceeding their expectations is one of our core values with the utmost attention.


Our team is a group of young and talented architects, with a great focus on innovation, creativity and endless curiosity for new challenges.


Every project in ASA is designed collectively, its thoughtful and brought into life by pure passion for creating livable environments to evoke  emotional resonance in the end user. We feel architecture should be contextual, experimental and material focused involving as many of the senses as possible and not merely visual or restrained by pre- conceived conventions.


We offer a full range of design consulting services. Starting from concept and schematic design stage through design development and execution drawings preparation. 

Our expertise ranges from:

  • Architectural and Urban design

  • Interior design

  • Research Studies

  • BIM & Engineering Services

The BIM innovative practice, as the latest technology in the Design and Construction industry, helps our Clients to realize their goals as per highest standards, within the required timeline and budget. ASA ensures an ad-hoc service during the full project lifecycle, offering below BIM consulting services:

  • BIM Management

  • BIM Coordination and Clash Detection

  • BIM 3D Modeling

  • Shop Drawings and As Build Drawings Production

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