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Florida, USA

Client: ADMC International LLC
Total Built up Area: 3600 sqm
Scope of Works: Architecture
Design, Interior Design, Landscape
Sept 2017


The design concept comes as a result of interlacing two main components: Client’s requirement and urban conditions.

St. Cloud Residence is a low rise and mixed-use development (comprising of Retail, Offices, Apartments, Studios and Parking) that goes up to four floors and it is in the main corner of the residential urban block. The facade is treated with travertine stone cladding and full floor high windows providing a classic yet modern look to the building. The ground floor, in which all commercial units are positioned, has an open and transparent facade with multiple vitrines that give to the commercial units a better interface with the outdoor. The upper residential floors have a direct access to the first-floor roof top which is designed to be a green terrace, suitable for outdoor activities usage by the residents.

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