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Florida, USA

Client: ADMC International
Total Built up Area: 1,887 sqm
Scope of Works:
Reconstruction and Renovation,
Architecture Design,
Interior Design, Landscape and
Fit Out Engineering
May 2017

The three-story historical St. Cloud Hotel is a landmark of downtown St. Cloud dating back to the 1910. The building was redesigned to have a bar, a restaurant, a coffee shop, gym and ballroom at the ground floor level and 38 guest rooms and suites in the upper floors. The focus of this refurbishment project was to preserve and restore the original look of the Hotel, adding a contemporary touch in both the facade and interior spaces.

The facade was remodeled by adding shutters to the windows, while the roof was redesigned by adding dormers on all sides, to provide light to the underroof rooms and to bring back an important facade element present originally in the building and lost in the years by the previous renovations the building had undergone.
On the contrary, the additional single-story volumes were designed to have a completely contemporary look, for this renovation to hold its own historic value and reflect the proper design era at the time of Its current revival.

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