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Florida, USA

Total Built up Area: 12,846 sqm
Scope of Works: Architectural
Design, Interior Design and
Feb 2017

The concept is inspired by the orthogonal streets grid and the nature of St. Cloud town.
This parking building is developed in four floors with 224 parking lots and with a livable terrace that can be used for different public events. Located in the heart of the town, this building was designed to have a pleasant aesthetic impact and become an architectural landmark. In contrary to usual parking buildings where not much attention is given to the facades and the overall look of the buildings, this concept design addresses that by covering the facade with a decorative skin created by perforated metal sheets. Each perforated metal panel is custom designed to be a rectangular net with a regular brick module (6.5 cm x 21.5 cm). The net of “the bricks” is characterized by a regular geometric pattern in the middle, followed by an “open end shape” on the upper and lower side of the facade, inspired by the conjunction of the man-made urban layout and the nature-designed layout formed by the St. Cloud Waterline.

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