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Total Built Up Area: 3628.6 sqm
Scope of Works: Architectural design &
Landscape design
January 2020


Existing building integrated High School “Peza e Madhe” 2 floors with a roof, is located in the administrative unit Peza, Tirana and is bordered on the north-east by the road “16-Shtatori”, on the north-west by a secondary road, on the south-east and south-west construction objects with construction objects 1-2 floor. The vision of architectural and urban design is mainly based on preserving the identity of the area, from where the concept is inspired, integrating the building with nature both functionally and aesthetically, respecting the rural landscape. The purpose of this project is the reconstruction of the school on the same land with a total area of 3,542.9 m2, with the same function 9-year school, high school and kindergarten, which meets the existing standards in our country, but also international standards that must have objects of this importance.By analyzing the urban and environmental conditions, as well as preserving the identity of the area, the chosen shape geometry, creates the possibility of developing an inner courtyard and creating as many environments that use for most of the day natural light and ventilation. This geometric shape, coming as a U-shaped union of the three main volumes (classroom corpus, auditorium corpus and gymnasium corpus), is quite suitable for a sustainable urban and architectural development. Also to meet the conditions of urban comfort, the building is pulled from the road axis with a minimum distance of 5.9 and 16.3 meters, while in the other 3 orientations we approach the property boundary at variable distances.

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