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Total Built Up Area: 1875.8 sqm
Scope of Works: Architectural design &
Landscape design
January 2020


The existing building “Kindergarten No.42” and Nursery, is located near the street “Nikolla Tupe”, in administrative unit number 5, Tirana, and is bordered on the sides by multi-story residential buildings. The total area of the plot is 1987.7 m2.
The vision of architectural and urban design is based only on the concept of children’s games and the basic and strong colors that they have, integrating the objects with the urban context both functionally and aesthetically. Albanian accessibility and inclusiveness provide the main points of design access. Special importance has been given the conditions to give maximum natural light, small yards, making this object sustainable. The development of the concept for the building “Integrated Kindergarten and Nursery” is closely related to the architectural concept, based on the game with cubes and Legos that children use, thus bringing an organized scheme in 5 volumes that are related to common spaces. Of course the facility respects the distances from the property boundary and the facilities around the county. By analyzing the urban and environmental conditions, as well as preserving the identity of the area, the geometric shape chosen in the form of cubes (five such volumes), creates the possibility of developing inner yards as well as creating as many environments which use in most great daylight and natural ventilation. This geometric shape is quite suitable for a sustainable urban and architectural development. The yard space in the southern part is mainly used for gathering children.

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