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Total Built Up Area: 8160.1 sqm
Scope of Works: Architectural design &
Landscape design
January 2020


“Lasgush Poradeci” School consist of a secondary school, an auditorium, library and sports activity located in the capital of
Albania, Tirana. The vision of the architectural and urban design is mainly based on the preservation of the identity of the area, from where the concept gets its inspiration, integrating the building with nature both functionally and aesthetically. The object is positioned on almost flat ground, which simplifies the functional and compositional solution of the object. The “U” shaped building lies on the longest slopes in the south-west parallel to the road “Petraq Leka”, in the north-west parallel to the road “Haki Stërmilli”. The architectural concept is based on the language of rectilinear design to promote utilitarian cohesion. The geometric shape “U” is a union of the two main volumes of the building, connecting them to the upper floors, thus separating the flows of movement on the ground floor, keeping independently the entrance to the primary premises from that of 9- year-old. This functional separation occurs on all floors of the 2 main volumes, thus enabling the security and tranquility that these age groups require, regardless of the connection they create on the upper floors. Facade treatment is based on the use of a clear and vibrant range of colors accentuated by a specific choice of materials such as brick cladding, concrete, metal frames, yellow paint, and glass facade.

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