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Client: MEG SH.P.K.
Total Built up Area: 4,140 sqm
Scope of Works: Architecture Design
and Landscape
Feb 2018

The plot is located in Kuqar, Përmet, Albania, and agricultural area. The buildup area is around 2,5000 square meters with 11,420.00 square meter farmland. The project scope was to create an agritourism development that promotes agricultural activities and sustainable tourism. Thus, the design concept is based in the vernacular architecture using three main materials: local stone, glass manufacture in Albania and local wood. The main objective of this architectural design is to create a building that would be in complete harmony with the surrounding nature; with the trees, mountains and river.

The farmland will be plant with pomegranate and potatoes which are a local product that would be collected and treated in the warehouse. The other buildings part of the development are the bio-restaurant, café, 10 hotel rooms and one luxury apartment in the two story building.

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