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Client: Georgios Marvrovelis
Total Built Up Area: 500 sqm
Scope of Works: Architecture and
November 2019

This Villa consist of the renovation of an existing singlefamily villa to meet the level of the expectations of the client. An interpretation of contemporary and traditional Eastern Mediterranean theme was delivered. Our focus was the exterior and landscape design of this existing villa, by considering the existing landscape (i.e. trees, plant, flowers) of the house as much as possible, which would more or less guide the construction of many elements accordingly, like the path to the main entrance, the garage, the main entrance itself, the balcony/patio, the backyard, etc. For developing the concept design we based on them and worked with the other elements accordingly. Then we focused on the façade as a general touch which would transformed the entire look of the building. The floor plan was opened and the openings were made generous to maximize on the view and natural sunlight. We took care for creating a contemporary and elegant look of the existing villa by providing large windows, light colors, authentic materials and a lot of greenery. The rough white color, the beige stone and dense vegetation define the overall design of the villa by giving it an elegant and warm feeling.

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